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How we can help

Financial Planning for Divorce

Divorce can touch every aspect of your legal, financial and personal life. It is our goal at Breakwater Capital to add value and bring a sense of calm during a volatile time.

Questions You May Have

  • How do I secure my financial future?

  • Can I stay in the family home and provide for my kids?
  • How much should I be saving monthly?
  • How do I get a mortgage in my name?
  • Is my current lifestyle sustainable?
  • What happens to our retirement account?

A CDFA professional is skilled at analyzing and providing expertise on the financial issues of divorce. When you partner with a CDFA professional, they become a part of your divorce team and provide litigation support for both you and your attorney on the following financial issues: 

  • Understanding the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property 
  • Understanding tax issues 
  • Analyzing pension and retirement plans 
  • Calculating the present value of a pension 
  • Determining the cost basis and capital gains on the sale of the marital home 
  • Determining if the client can afford the marital home, and if not, what he or she can afford  
  • Evaluating the insurance needs of the client and determining if the client qualified for COBRA 
  • Determining earning capabilities 
  • Establishing assumptions for projecting inflation and rates of return 
  • Providing data that shows the financial effect of any given divorce settlement  
  • Knowledgeable about specific tax laws that apply to divorcing couples  

How We Work With Clients

  • Collect income and expense data to help prepare financial affidavits
  • Help identify clients' future financial goals  
  • Develop a budget 
  • Set retirement objectives  
  • Determine how much risk they are willing to take with their investments  
  • Identify their realistic desired lifestyle  
  • Determine what kind of education they want for their children  

Engaging a CDFA® professional during the divorce process has five key benefits: 


Conducting a financial analysis early in the divorce process can save time and empower clients to make educated decisions.


Give clients a clearer view of their financial future and avoid spending unnecessary money floating back and forth between settlements with lawyers. 


Explore potential long-term financial pitfalls related to separation agreements. Equal does not always mean equitable, especially when it comes to dividing tax liability.


Develop detailed household budgets when considering a financial settlement with expenses related to life insurance, taxes and cost of living increases. 

Look Ahead

Reduce the false expectations surrounding divorce and help educate clients to ensure a stable economic future and make sound decisions during the process.

Madeline is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® with a steely demeanor and tenacious spirit, helping clients navigate through the various financial aspects of a divorce. Madeline works with clients to  understand the long-term effects of decisions related to your assets. We will prepare a comprehensive financial plan that takes into account your cash flow, available assets, settlement amounts, and maintenance amounts. Investment growth, inflation, and expenses can also be included in a comprehensive financial projection after divorce.

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