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What Makes Us Different 

The team at Breakwater share a core mission of meeting you where you are, whether designing a thoughtful investment plan, addressing your estate planning or cash flow needs or just simply educating you about the markets.


We are most fulfilled in our calling, through service, bringing passion and expertise to all that we do. Our first principles revolve around the fact that markets are complex and rarely rational in the moment thus making for easy self-sabotage by investors. Our sole focus is making sure you are as successful as you can be.


We work closely with high net worth individuals and families, proactively navigating complex financial topics to create healthy relationships with money as they move through different stages in their life. Breakwater is here to walk beside you through the changes life brings.

Meet the Team


Breakwater's client successes are driven by our close collaboration, depth of planning, and unwavering care and commitment to our clients. We meet our clients where they are, using a highly customized and holistic approach with the client's financial wellbeing at the center.