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How we can help

Financial Planning for College

College Planning

Sending a child off to college can be an exciting, emotional and often a financially nerve-racking time. 

For many families, paying for college is the largest financial decision that they will make with little or no support. With other large purchases, like buying a house, a realtor and the bank will work with you to figure out what you can really afford.  

At Breakwater Capital, we aim to be a financial partner who is with you through each stage of the college financing process.

What is a CFSLA?

The CFSLA(College Funding and Student Loan Advisor) designation is focused on three main areas as it relates to financing higher education:

  • How much to save and what types of accounts to use?
  • How do we best maximize accumulated savings, scholarships, grants and loans together to pay during the college years?
  • How do you evaluate all student loan, repayment and forgiveness options after college?

We will work with you through each phase of the college planning experience:

Before College

Review savings goals - Retirement, Education, 1st or 2nd home purchase
Develop a budget
Assess pros and cons of available account registrations
Develop a college specific savings planReview tax filing status

The College Years

Guiding through FAFSA process.
Cost of Attendance
Budgeting - 4 year plan
Review financing options
Planning for how to best structure debt

Post Grad

Evaluating Debt Repayment Methods
Exploring Loan Forgiveness Options
Loan Consolidation & Loan Refinancing
Review impact of tax filing status

Tom Mullen, CFP®, CFSLA

How do we get started?

  • Deep dive into current financial condition
  • Identify future financial goals  
  • Determine educational goals
  • Develop a budget 
  • Co-create a plan to achieve desired outcome

Our goal is to remove some stress from this time in life by helping our clients create a solid plan to provide them peace of mind. 

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